Welcome to the official site of the Yuma Police Department (YPD) in Colorado. The City of Yuma resides in the northeastern part of Colorado within Yuma County which borders Nebraska and Kansas. The City of Yuma is the largest city in the county with the county seat in Wray, Colorado. Our area caters to agriculture businesses with many diaries, confined hog facilities, feed yards, crop production, and the Yuma Ethanol Plant. The city has a population of approximately 3500 citizens.

In 2012, our agency handled a total of 5650 calls for service, issued 1345 warnings, reported 67 to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and presented 758 cases for prosecution. YPD issued 549 summons, covered 46 accidents, 14 DUI/DUID arrests, and investigated 374 crimes.

Our agency is managed by the Chief of Police Michael S. Fields with six other sworn Officers including K9 team. The department enforces city and state ordinances which involve city municipal court, county court, and district court. YPD provides firm, fair and consistent law enforcement with respect and dignity. YPD also manages the local dog pound, city impound car lot, and code.

Yuma Police Department Mission Statement:

Maintaining quality of life in the City of Yuma, while continuing to respect individual liberties and personal dignity, will be the benchmark used to gauge our success in the delivery of law enforcement services.

Remaining mindful of the people’s will and continuing to be responsive to the City of Yuma’s needs will be the standards that our performance is measured against.

The elimination of criminal activity as it affects quality of life will be our mission and it will continue to be so, as long as crime deprives citizens of their rights to feel secure in their homes and their lives.

The delivery of timely, courteous, quality service is the mandate to the members of the Yuma Police Department, always without the use of unnecessary force and always with the intent of solving problems for the citizens who call on us.

Our goal will always be to serve the public with pride, professionalism, and integrity.